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HR Alignment with Strategy

Strategy is not complex.  But it is hard.  It forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their future.  HR leaders who master both strategy and execution start by building a bold but executable strategy. Next, they ensure the strategy is aligned with and in support of the greater organization. And last, they make sure their entire team is motivated to go the journey with them to champion execution.   

Here are some of the core elements from our framework:

Step 1 - Assessing Your Current State

We survey your team and key internal stakeholders to assess your current state. Our survey has been specifically designed identify the performance of your HR function against the competencies required for success today – and for the future of work.  We also assess the composition of your team using one of our signature profile assessments, Lumina Assessments or Everything DiSC®, to amplify the effectiveness of your HR Leadership team. 

Step 2 - Defining the Future


We work with you to define your purpose statement (mission), strategies (broad long-term objectives that define the fulfillment of your purpose, strategic goals (specific, quantifiable relevant goals that measure the accomplishment of a strategy) and values (the core beliefs and commitments you make to each other, your key stakeholders and customers). These elements will drive the choices you will make.

Step 3 - Making It Happen

Strategies and goals are meaningless unless there are specific action plans and accountabilities documented on how your team will make it happen.  We work with your team to identify enablers and address the barriers to your strategic goals along documented in a high level project plan with key milestones. We also work with you to develop powerful dashboard to measure the "HR metrics that matter" from your strategy.



Talent Management Solutions

We assess your current strategy and work with you to build strategic talent management practices customized for your organization. In today's competitive talent market, organizations must align business strategy with talent for rapid development and deployment across the enterprise.


Leadership Solutions

Our services include Leadership Assessment, Leadership Incubator (TM) for rapid development, and Team Development programs. Build leadership skills to achieve results through people.  Accelerate Leadership and Management development with our innovative approach to reinventing the classroom using a powerful combination of coaching, peer learning, innovative content, and technology.   


Executive Coaching

Our guided self-discovery process generates insights and perspectives necessary to navigate leadership growth.  Having a strategic thought partner to help you get there is key. Executive coaching is often used during succession planning, promotions, and when joining a new organization.


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