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Conference attendees want to learn about current trends, implications, and solutions.  Our conference seminars, workshops, and presentations use an experiential learning approach to make topics relevant and translatable.

Executive Education Series

Senior leaders in organizations want to understand the current trends and implications of the new world of work.  This Executive Education series is designed to cut through the hype, examine how work itself is changing and what are the implications for their organizations. 

Aligning HR to the Future of Work

Current Speaking Engagements


Upcoming Events

Maryanne travels across the country speaking at various professional associations, industry conferences and for organizations on topics such as Aligning HR for the Future of Work, The Future of HR, Careers in the New World of Work, and more. 

February 20

HR Panel discussion hosted by Lisa Carver at The Execu|Search Group in Parisippany  https://lnkd.in/evCPcst

March 14

5 After 5 hosted by Greg Offner Jr., ARM at Exude, Inc.in Philadelphia talking about what students want in an HR career. https://lnkd.in/ee_a3pE

May 7

Maine HR Convention Mega Session Enter the Bold New World of HR at The Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME https://lnkd.in/e_M-_wT

June 4

CoreNet ERS The Future is Now at Boston University https://lnkd.in/eGvX6yu

Future proofing HR & Organizations in Disruptive Times

In this podcast, Maryanne Spatola (@NetworkingDiva2 @Solix) sat with Vishal (@Vishaltx @AnalyticsWeek) to discuss the fabric of future proof HR and organization landscape. She suggested several tactical suggestions that HR leaders could adopt to ensure their adherence to technology and securing organizational interests through disruptive times. Maryanne also shared her perspective on the future of work, worker, and workplace and how HR could ensure its vital role in it. 

Past Speaking Engagements

Careers in the New World of Work


Hacking HR event in Tampa, Nov 2018. Topic discussions centered on the changing landscapes of jobs fueled by disruptive technology.  Highlights included the gig economy, careers that span 60 years, and how talent practices need to evolve.

Aligning HR to the Future of Work


HR Southwest HR Conference in Ft Worth, Texas, Oct 2018.  This presentation covered business trends impacting organizations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, agile processes, the employee experience and what HR needs to do to prepare.

Women's Leadership Symposium


Tri-State Diversity Council, NYC May 2018.  Panel discussion "How to swim with the Sharks" highlighting the challenges for women as they rise in their careers into the executive ranks. 

Artificial Intelligence and HR


Hacking HR event in NYC, June 2018.  This presentation revealed how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the HR function, in positive and potentially dangerous ways. 

Future of Human Resources


Maine HR Convention, Rockport, ME May 2018.  Change is inevitable.  HR must adapt its practices to incorporate Design Thinking, Agile processes, and People Analytics to become the strategic function required for optimizing business performance.  

Future of Work & HR


Hacking HR Event, Chicago, Ill,  March 2018.  The presentation addressed the five realities of the new world of work that HR must be ready to tackle.  


2018 Maine HR Convention

"Maryanne's session was the top-rated strategic session was on Thursday, with Maryanne Spatola, the visiting NYU professor, with her look at the future of HR."

Board of Directors

""Maryanne showed us what strategic HR is, and how a strategic, business-integrated HR function can be used to transform your organization."

GSC-SHRM Annual Conference

"Usually I go to a conference and hear a great speech once and feel I have a few great points to take home, I even study the slides and recreate the event for further study. Maryanne was selected to speak several times and each time, it's not only a totally fresh perspective, but she creates it in "carrryable" language, graphics and videos to bring home the message. Her expressiveness on panels delves into the multi-dimensional aspects of her career wonderfully. She is a true compliment to the field, but then again, I guess that's why SHRM picks her to speak, again and again !"

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