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Our Why

Talented people are in constant pursuit of ways to build their capabilities, work that is meaningful and feeling valued for the work they do.

Organizations want talented people who can contribute at the highest levels, create innovative solutions and help the organization achieve its goals. After all, when our organizations succeed, everyone wins; we find happiness, we find purpose, we find meaning.

And yet, a disconnect exists between these two seemingly similar desired outcomes. C3 Talent Strategies can close the gap.

In a global, open talent economy where organizations and people can find work anywhere, anytime and in many forms, companies need to build modern talent practices aligned with their organizational strategy.  

The new entrants to the workforce will work for 40, 50 or 60 years. The likelihood that they will stay at one company for the entire time is not realistic. Organizations must have modern talent practices to remain competitive so employees will want to stay or come back.

We're here to help.  That’s our Why.




Talent Management Solutions

In today's competitive talent market, organizations must align business strategy with talent for rapid development and deployment across the enterprise. We assess your current strategy and work with you to build strategic talent management practices customized for your organization.


Leadership Solutions

Confident leaders have the skills to get results through people. Coaching for performance, creating collaborative and inclusive workplaces and developing talent at all levels is a business imperative.  We offer a full range of services including Leadership Assessment, Leadership Incubator (TM) for rapid development, and Team Development programs.


Executive Coaching

Leadership transitions can be risky.   Succession planning, promotions, and joining a new organization are a few examples. Having a strategic thought partner to help you get there is key. Our guided self-discovery process will help navigate a successful transition. 

Strategic Human Resources (HR) Advisory Services with Business Impact


Strategic Human Resources (HR)

Business-integrated human resources functions that align strategy and talent get the best results for the organization and its people.  We have a track record for building strategic human resource functions and teams that enable organizations to optimize business performance.

HR Alignment with Strategy

The first place to start is to ensure your organization's strategy and HR strategy are aligned.  We will evaluate how well the HR strategy enables the achievement of the organization's strategy and make recommendations to close any gaps.

Assess your current HR function

We will assess your current structure, processes, and systems to help you find efficiencies.  We will make recommendations to help you align better with the business for achieving improved outcomes.

HR Team - Right People, Right Role

Delivering on any strategy requires a talented team.  It also means having the right roles defined.  We will review the positions and requirements for those roles and map out a plan to best serve your organization.

Preparing HR for the Future

Artificial Intelligence and automation bring great opportunity for HR functions to modernize their processes, tools, and approaches to how work gets done efficiently and strategically.  We'll introduce you to the latest trends, challenges and innovative thinking happening in this space.

Learning Programs

Leadership Incubator (TM)


Accelerate Leadership development with our innovative approach to reinventing the classroom. Leadership Incubator (TM) is a 10-week program using a powerful combination of coaching, peer learning, innovative content, and technology.  

Build Your Career Portfolio


What do I want to do when I grow up? This perplexing question ages with us and becomes more complex in a rapidly changing world of work. Four 90 minutes sessions will explore how to create career options, for today and tomorrow, resulting in a career portfolio for the lifespan of your career.

Virtual Cup of Coaching


Need a thought partner to solve a problem?  Weigh out options?  Think through career choices?  Each Virtual Cup of Coaching session lasts for 30 minutes.  Sign up for one or get a discount for multiple sessions. 


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