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Coaching Expert Maryanne Spatola Provides Strategies for a New World of Work (Interview)

The corporate ladder is broken and employees are failing to adapt to its broken rungs, says human resources and talent management expert Maryanne Spatola. Whereas employees could once expect to ascend corporate ranks quickly, it is now more common for individuals to float between three to five professions at a time.

After spending more than 20 years teaching and speaking about talent management and professional development, Spatola sat down earlier this year to write “Careers in the New World of Work.” Spatola’s first book analyzes the broken corporate ladder and offers management and career advice for an evolving job market.

“I wrote this book for two main groups,” Spatola says. “The first group was individuals who are trying to figure out career options in a world that have changed dramatically and also for employers, who need to stay ahead of a tightening labor market.”

Spatola, an adjunct faculty member at New York University, will discuss “Careers in the New World of Work” at the Princeton HRMA on Monday, December 10, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Salt Creek Grille in Forrestal Village.

Spatola’s advice is based on her unique “three C’s” model: building capabilities, increasing capacity, and expanding community. Spatola’s work and research are oriented around emphasizing the three “C’s” in a workplace setting.

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Why Experiences Matter

The 21st Century Career

The 21st Century Career


Experiences are memorable and not just for your customers.  Employees in today's marketplace want to work in organizations make them feel like they belong; make them feel like they make a difference. 

This article from Inc. Magazine offers some insight.

The 21st Century Career

The 21st Century Career

The 21st Century Career


New entrants to the workforce will work for 40, 50 or 60 years!  They will change professions entirely three to four times and have twelve plus jobs.  Individuals and organizations need new approaches. 

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Future Workplace Trends

The 21st Century Career

Future Workplace Trends


Disruptive technology is fueling rapid changes to how work gets done and what will be required for organizations to be successful in the digital age.  

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Careers in the New World of Work

Maryanne joins Chris Rainey, Jill Katz and Matt Burns to talk about the changing world of careers.  Careers now span a lifetime.  The new entrants to the workforce will have 12+ jobs, work in 5 -7 companies, and change professions completely at least three times.